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Dani_s_jasmin belongs to xo_Danica_ox.
39 years old 
City N/A, State N/A 
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Last Profile Login: 7/22/2024
Last World Login: 7/22/2024
Member Since: 4/16/2010
General Info
I Am Here For: For a New Experience, To Explore My Sexuality, To Meet People
Marital Status: Single
Children: Eventually
Education: High School
Religion: N/A
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes
Occupation: Sales
Body Type: N/A
Height: 5' 5"
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Languages: German, English
Sexy Stuff
I Am Looking For: Virtual Relationship, Cyber Sex, Just Looking, Erotic Chat, Cyber Friendships
Sexual Fantasies: A Virgin, Fetishes, Swapping, Domination, Bondage, Costumes, Toys, Multiple People, Sadism & Masochism, Massage Oil, A Public Place, Exhibition & Voyeurism
Sex is Best: Experimental, Kinky
Cybersex: Yes
I Want You To: Play Along With My Fantasy, Talk Dirty to Me, Make Me Do It, Tell Me Your Fantasy
Cybersex Personality: Submissive, Loving, Passionate, Fun With Toys, Nasty, Adventurous, Kinky, Aggressive, Passive, Wild, Role Player
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About me:

xo_Danica_ox Family Crest


Kristen our souls will reunite again, in eternity.

Following has been updated 11/20/19

Dani_s_jasmin belongs to xo_Danica_ox. All friend or other requests must go through girls Mistress xo_Danica_ox. All random friend requests, will be denied. PM girl first, talk to girl. But actual friend request will have to go through girls Mistress xo_Danica_ox.

Pm girl, you might like it. Spreche auch deutsch.

Dani_s_jasmin is most proud to belong to her Mistress xo_Danica_ox and happy to have Dani_s_Rose, Samantha_LPA, JennaNya_SK_LOTN and Lea_VixysSW_FBC's as her sisters. Loves them all very much. Any requests about girl unless told by girl herself, would have to be directed to her Mistress.

The last few weeks have been the best time, girl has been having in RLC and actually RL. Girl is so happy every time, girl logs in until she logs out again. Mistress, oh lovely, sweet, amazing, smart, beautiful, caring, there are not enough words, if one would start writing words since time started until time ends, to describe what girl feels for her Mistress. Every time girl comes online and sees Mistress name xo_Danica_ox flash on the screen, girls heart jumps. All girl can think of from the time she wakes up until the time she falls asleep is of girls loving Mistress. When Mistress and girl met, we clicked immediately and we are now, exploring our so very close perfect matching minds. We are so interlocked, bonded, spiritual connected. That in girls eyes, there is no force in this universe that can break us apart. Girl has many dominant friends, but Mistress knows, who girl will return at the end of the day. Girl is one of the most loyal person there can be, girl lives for her Mistress. Of course girls Mistress is very protective of girl, but Mistress knows girls needs and gives girl also her freedom. Mistress is fine tuning girl so very precisely, it is amazing for girl. Thank you so much Mistress, you are so good to girl. Writing this message here, makes girls heart feel so warm. Girl cannot imagine RLC without being with Mistress. Girl loves her Mistress, so very much.

The friend’s girl has meet on RLC and meets every day, makes live so much better. If you are one of my friends and read this, thank you, thank you so much for being girl’s friend. You mean so much to girl. Girl treasures our friendship so very much. Never hesitate in contacting girl. Girl always smiles when girl sees a pm, flashing in her tabs.

For people girl has hurt, girl wants to apologize. Girl tries hard to always be friendly and calculates the future and acts accordingly. It is never the intention of girl to hurt another being. Girl wants everybody to feel loved. That is the mission of girl in her life. You are in my thoughts and maybe one day we can reconnect. We had a connection, girl has broken it and is sorry for that.

My dearest wife Kristen. Wherever you may be. You will be always in my heart. I will always love you. I will always wait for you. You will live forever in the memories of mine.

This girl has some of the greatest friends one can have, apology from girl for not mentioning everybody You know who you are. Girl is most grateful, for you always being here for girl. Girl values your friendship very much.

If you have come this far reading, let me tell you this, you are a great person whoever you are. Whatever you feel, sad or happy, remember you are a human you deserve the best life.
Please take a pen and piece of paper, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, clear your head, think of something in your life that made you happy, that brought joy to your heart, try to remember the feeling, lock it in, in your heart, open your eyes write it down, with just a few words, to always go right back to that feeling, fold the paper, put it in your pocket. Now always when you feel down, take the piece of paper out, read it to get to feel better.

Girl wishes you dear reader the best day every day.

Thank you, certain people, for helping girl out with wording. ;)

Who I'd like to meet:
Like to meet interesting and nice people.
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Girls wife in heaven, we will be one day together again, our souls for eternity as we always have spoken of. Looking up to you, girl can see you smiling down at me. Girl loves you so much Kristen.

My Favorite Websites:

Groundhog Day 2022 (he saw his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter)

Girl loves all kinds of music, most Rock and EDM (yes Trance)

Following songs remind me of my wife Kristen;

Designate to my sister JennaNya_SK_LOTN;

Girl watches a lot of TV.


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Happy Easter Pet. Love you.


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Love you pet. MzB

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