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Helping everyone in Utherverse give.
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Last Profile Login: 10/24/2023
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Member Since: 4/21/2010
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Coming Up:

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the UVDonates profile page!!

This account has been set up by Utherverse as a place where all users can donate Rays throughout the year.

We will change out the charity we are giving to every couple of months and we will keep this account updated so you know where your Rays are going.

Thank you in advance for all your generosity!!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to

To Donate simply click on the "SEND ME FUNDS" button. If you are a basic simply email and they can transfer rays on your behalf :)

With your help.....

October 21, 2023 - Breast Cancer Research - Hosted by COMC - 125620

ASPCA - Hosted by WPMC - 1,148

Saddlebags 6th Annual Fundraiser for Austisn - Hosted by PzDjFrrDKK - 31,142

MS Fundraiser - January 14th - Hosted by WPMC - ®31,142

October 15th - Breast Cancer Fundraiser - Hosted by COMC raised 6,172.60

August 12th - 14th - Wounded Warriors Project
Hosted by

July 15th - 17th - Rally for ASPCA - Hosted by the Wolf Pack MC - ®26,500

April 8th, 9th, and 10th - 5th Annual Autism Charity Biker, BBQ, Blues, n Bikinis
Hosted by PzDjFreeDKK_SCMC / Tr_DrgnWolf_SCMC - $1,836.45

The 2nd Annual Great Ormond Street Hospital Benefit - February 14th, 2022 - Hosted by - Toni_Cougar - 37,658.20

November 13th, 2021 Benefit for St Jude Children's Research Hospital - Hosted by Lauren_Cougar 37,835.70

October 16th, 2021 Breast Cancer Fundraiser ~ Hosted by CM_SASSY_COMC - 74,981.33

HAMC RALLy TO WOODSTOCK FUND RAISER FOR Wounded Warriors project August 13 - 15th

July 25th, 2021 Fisher House Foundation Hosted by Knights Council

Great Ormand Street Children's Hospital ~ Hosted by Toni_Cougar February 14th, 2021 - ®28,436.37

St. Jude Children's Hospital Fundraiser ~ Hosted by Toni_Cougar December 2020 - ®27,150.9974

Wounded Warrior Project from GJMC ~ Hosted by SA_Sami_GJMC November 21st 2020 - ®21,153.85

Breast Cancer Awareness ~ Hosted by CM_SASSY_COMC October 18th 2020 - ®100,500

October 19th 2019 - Breast Cancer Awareness - hosted by CM_SASSY_COMC - ®86934.90

October 8th - 13th - Hosted by GDS_NIKKI_WSFK - Cybersmile Cyberbullying - ®5237.04

August 4th - Hosted by Daggerz_Edge - Wounded Warriors Benefit - ®6411.18

February 01, 2019- Breast Cancer Awareness towards hosted by Daqueen raised ®17,620.00

November 10, 2018 towards Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund hosted by Lady_Sera_Cobalt raised ® 2078,78

October 23-28,2017 towards Breast Cancer Awareness hosted by DAQUEEN_DQD_MS (L2) raised ®91,885.00

August 28- September 30 towards the Red Cross - Hurricane Relief hosted by RLC (L1) raised ®11,077.00

February 20- March1 towards American Cancer Society hosted by Wicked_TGZ (L1) raised ® 180,500.00

September 11-17, 2016 towards Sickle Cell Awareness hosted by PriorityMale raised ®25,000.00

August 14-20 2016, towards Mental HealthAwareness hosted by DAQUEEN_DQD_MS raised ®50,301.00

July 16, 2016 towards the Villalobos Rescue Center hosted by RC_Rajun_CA_BCMC raised ®4,925.00

May 01-30, 2016 towards the Disabled American Veterans hosted by Xander_Cole_4U raised ® 86,282.00

January 21-27, 2016 towards MS hosted by Wicked_TGZ_MS raised ®108,965.00

December 4- 6, 2015 Connors Cure Fundraiser towards pediatric brain and spinal cancer research, and medical care for children and their families hosted by Elder_Gweni_RBC raised ®16,450.00

November 01-28, 2015: Toys for Tots, hosted by Soul_UGST. raised ®14,446

October 23, 2015 towards Wounded Warriors hosted by ELDKrios_BPI raised ®8,899.00

September 19th 2015, hosted by Paullys_Panda towards Lupus raised ®12,044.00

August 4-10 2015, hosted by DAQUEEN_DQD_MS towards Testicular Cancer raised ®41,488.00

May 30, 2015 : hosted by Knights Council towards Cancer and Heart Society raised ®7,189

May 22, 2015: towards Heart Disease hosted by DAQUEEN_DQD_MS raised ® 11349.00

February 22-28, 2015: Hosted by DrmzStruckTGZ_MS towards American Cancer Society raised ® 102353.00

December 19, 20, and 21 2014, towards Living Beyond Breast Cancer hosted by DrmzStruckTGZ_MS raised ® 25,470.00

September 25-October 25 towards The United Nations Campaign to End Violence Against Women hosted by Just_Giselle & vwc council raised ®3,673.00

September 19-21, 2014 : Bikers Against Child Abuse and Fallen Heroes Survivors Foundation hosted by Pres_Deir_FTMC raised ®36204.42

September 6/7 2014 towards Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center raised ®6322.70

June 28/29 2014: hosted by Dreams_MS towards Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust raised ®12,461.00 !!

June 07, 2014 hosted by Knights Council towards Cancer Research Institute raised ®12,158.00

May 21/ 22, 2014 hosted by the NK family towards Cancer Research raised ®5054.18 !!

May 11-17, 2014, Testicular Cancer 2nd annual event hosted by DAQUEEN_DQD_MS raised ® 24907,54 !!

April 20-26, 2014 towards CHILDREN'S HEMIPLEGIA AND STROKE ASSOCIATION hosted by Saphyre Rose raised ® 45.895 !!

April 13, 2014 towards Lupus, hosted by surreal_smile raised ® 18605 !!

March 17-23, 2014- Childrens Make A Wish Foundation-
hosted by Utherverse raised ® 28433.00!!

December 07, 2013 - Knights Council towards the Red Cross hosted at Club Shockers by ELDR_Cat_HBK raised ® 2000

November 23/24 - Rock for Tots towards Toys for Tots hosted by GdHPsts_Romi_AoH raised ® 5137!

November 4-9 , 2013 -towards Domestic Violence & Mental Health hosted by DAQUEEN_DQD_MS raised ® 10.680!!!

October 26, 2013: Breast Cancer awareness hosted by GdHPsts_Romi_AoH raised ® 4170 !!

August 1-25 2013: Fallen Firefighter Fundraiser hosted by Kn_ROD_ROTG_SDS towards Yarnell Hill NFFF Fire Hero Fund raised ® 7760 !! Thank you for your donations

July 20, 2013 - Specific Cancer Being Raised For is Testicular Cancer - hosted by PRNCDallasCR_JLN & DAQUEEN_DQD_MS raised ®8480.60 !! Thank you!!

June 29, 2013 - Wedding Shower towards the next Cancer Fundraiser- hosted by Siren_FUN & VC_Goobs_FUN raised ®311,00 ! Thank you for the donations:)

"Breast Cancer" Fundraiser raised ®17770.00 !!

"Ride free from autism" raised ®21330,48 !! Thank you :)

We raised ®49700,82 for St. Jude !! Thank you!!

We raised ®19108.08 for MS! Great Job Everyone!!

We raised ®25377.00 for VOKRA! Thanks for your generosity!

Rude Virtual raised ®10112.00 for Cancer Research UK!

The Walk for Diabetes raised ®31,406.00!

We raised ®142,860.00 for the Down Under Flood Relief.

During the Pink Ribbon International Fundraiser, ®102,625.85 were raised!

®86923.91 were raised through the Childrens Wish Foundation Auction Event!

We raised ®43,838.09 for the VANCOUVER ORPHAN KITTEN RESCUE!

We raised in September 2012 ®94427.77 for Multiple Sclerosis!! Thank you all for your generosity

Clothes & Layouts for a cause, donated by several Designers and Decorators.
100% of your purchase will be sent to the UV Donates page to support future and ongoing charity events.
You can find these Clothes under "my Outfits on this profile or at UVC under UVDonates.

Layouts can be found at the Photo Album here under Decorators for a Cause.

Clothes and Layouts for a Cause have been generously provided by:

FBX Designs
DnM Designs
Cougar Creations
Emerald Fashions

Who I'd like to meet:
If you wish to donate to this profile, your generous donation will go towards our next fundraising campaign. Thank you for your donation.
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