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Namaste an' shit :)
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Member Since: 4/15/2010
General Info
I Am Here For: For a New Experience, To Explore My Sexuality, To Meet People, Deco
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Love them, but do not want any of my own
Education: Some College
Religion: Spiritual, but not Religious
Smoke: Yes
Drink: Yes
Occupation: retail
Body Type: Slim / Slender
Height: 5' 0"
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Languages: English
Sexy Stuff
I Am Looking For: magic
Sexual Fantasies: yes..a few... :)
Sex is Best: with a little imagination
Cybersex: Yes
I Want You To: feel me
Cybersex Personality: :) SURPRISING!
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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
I am water. I flow and bend. I do not break. I seek the lowest level. I rise with the force of a tsunami. I flow into rock, freeze, and the rock shatters. I boil and steam. I trickle lightly, or roll over you in a wave. I rain softly on you. I pelt you with a downpour. I leave you in a drought. Warm me with the light of your Sun, evaporate me. I will return again as the dew.
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I love D words... lol.. a lot of really strong words start with D... defile devastate desolate desire delectable deliberate delicious dirty decisive demented dream dangerous debauchery depraved divine destroy devotion dominate delightful detail dishonor decision discipline demand dark diamonds deviant dollar deceived damned determined disturbed dangle damaged decadent ... :D
I'm the typical girl next door. A good girl with a big naughty side...I wear cut offs. Go barefoot...go to in the dirt (garden). I prefer sex with someone I have a bit of emotional connection with rather than random sport fucking...though it too can have it's place and time. Without emotion we might as well be bots. I want to feel it. Run my fingers through your mind...and have your fingers roaming about in mine. I enjoy sharing fantasies, even the ones that scare me. I want a one on one relationship. I will guard that relationship fiercely. I am here to build a fantasy WITH you...together...ours. I am fully grown...I know what I like and I like it fine :) ...I am not experimenting or trying to find myself. I like conversation. Especially with those who are willing to open and share themselves. I am the quiet type in a crowd but will chatter with you endlessly one on one. I tend to run from drama. People as a whole confuse me so I keep to myself and stay far from the madding crowd. I love to laugh. I love to deco. Not to sell, but for my enjoyment. (if I sold, then I wouldn't have the only one!) It's like coloring and a Barbie house all in one :) I like a whole range of music styles and genres. I am a total foodie. I like things that are contrary. I am constant. I am changeable. lol...confused yet?
My Favorite Websites:
Come to me.

Break the curse you've invented.

I can see,

(with a kiss) you're tormented.

Naked me,

Waiting here, uncontented...

Got to have your Love...

ahhh...that's a hard one...depends on my mood..the voice is my favorite instrument so... Nina Simone to The Kongos. Smooth sultry jazz to Leonard Cohen and that sad frenchy cajun stuff..I like my jazz full of sax and my rock hard..vocals are a must!...then we can go to the classical..or opera...or Neil Young...or spanish guitar..mmm Carlos Santana George Jones or Etta James...Billie Eilish, Dolly and Pink wrote all about it...all strung out on LP (her Recovery, you know you felt it too!) and Max Maco, can't seem to get enough of him...and the list continues...
Too many to name..movies with real plots and gore..some porn... gay porn makes me hot.. I love old n whites..westerns..good guy bad guy stuff...The Godfather..yep all 3 of them... And Kill Bill...both of them back to back...Cool Hand Luke. .. Lol..getting the picture?
The Outlander series, The Earth's Children series...yes I like continued sagas lol


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