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Two things are infinite:The Universe and Human Stupidity and I'm not sure about the Universe
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Last Profile Login: 4/14/2024
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Member Since: 3/22/2008
General Info
I Am Here For: THE MUSIC
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Children: N/A
Education: College Graduate
Religion: Spiritual, but not Religious
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Occupation: Veterinarian Assistant
Body Type: Average
Height: 5' 4"
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Languages: French, English, TRUTH
Sexy Stuff
I Am Looking For: Cyber Friendships, That damn Fly on The Wall
Sexual Fantasies: Dont We All ?
Sex is Best: With Love
Cybersex: Yes
I Want You To: Share your Dreams w/me
Cybersex Personality: Submissive, Loving, Passionate, Yummy
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About me:
"He speaks to her in ways no one before him had, and that is why it's impossible for her to not listen."

I enjoy intelligent conversation, a sense of humor and I naturally gravitate to strong, dominant men. I can follow a strong leader but do not do so blindly.

I respect that everyone has their own reasons and wants from being here which are usually best discovered through real open and honest conversation. If one takes the time to get to know me and learn about me they will soon discover that if you can't stimulate between my ears you will not have much chance of stimulating any other part of me. So random stranger sex is not the remote bit interesting to me.

I am selective with whom I chose to share my time and will ask no more than I am prepared to give and will not lay claim to you unless that is mutually agreed upon and expect the same in return.

Who I'd like to meet:
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OK I know this will be long so bare with me. I know I'm suppose to get to the root of who I am so I can paint a picture in your mind So....Here goes:
  • I am an 80's Music Fan Absolutely Love it! So much I have an 80's club here.
  • I love Old Muscle Cars and Loud Harley's... I come from a long Line of Bikers....LOYALTY means everything .I believe you are the company you Keep. You Come At Me Or My BRETHREN you will be struck down I Am My BROTHERS KEEPER. I Have No Fear , I Am A Fierce Protector And Loyal To The Core. Stand Next To Me You'll Never Stand Alone. If I Call You My BROTHER/SISTER My Loyalty Has Been Earned. I Do Not Take That Lightly And Will Defend You To ANYONE, ANYWHERE, AT ANYTIME 100%. NO Questions Asked This Is A Code Many Claim To Understand But Few Practice. I'm Not One Of Those People.You Lie to me once I will question everything you say. I don't gossip or repeat things told to me in confidence. gossip grows in the retelling If I think your a shitty person You earned it
  • I am a True Romantic ..I Love The Moon..I love slow dancing on a beach..I love sitting by a fire and just caressing and chatting.
  • I enjoy dancing at Clubs and watching the Bands of RLC.
  • I like Deco, enjoy window shopping, going to Auctions.
    I'm not in any particular " CLIQUE" I have a Few Friends Who mean the world to me!! I can be shy around new People .I can be talkative at times and very quite at other times.
    I like Being close with My Partner. I'm sensitive and caring and I will show you How special you are to me. But Please Don't think That is a weakness ,I will not hesitate to Stand up for myself if I feel abused or Neglected.
    I'm a real woman Nothing about me is Fake,,I don't Lie ,or cheat I thinks its a disgusting Thing to do to someone.

    I don't Like Rumors But this is RLC its a Mill for it... Don't believe everything you hear... If your first reaction to a disagreement or argument is to delete or put someone on iggy you don't belong on an adult Dating site, Adults discuss issues..I'm very selective I keep my circle small I prefer Quality Not Quantity. Once my trust is given to you its 100% please Don't break it. you will probably never get it back.

    I love with a passion that is real,I like strong Dominate Men always have,But there is a difference Being Rude,Crass or Abusive doesn't make you Dominate it makes you Unworthy I'm into voice chatting its important It gives me a sense of Togetherness that RLC doesn't provide.. Besides Sexy voice is so much better than sexy typing ...I have been here a long time Ive been to the puppet show I have seen the strings.
    .I Like sleep overs on RLC. I like waking up next to the person I choose to Spend 90% of my RLC time with.I'm a good listener and can talk about Pretty much anything Tell me your hopes ,dreams ,and your fears. All I ask is that you are real with me in return. I abhor Mental and Emotional Head Games I don't play them and don't want them Played on Me.I'm a One Man Woman I will not be sexting in someone else's pm box... my slow dances are For my Partner So don't ask if I tell you I have someone I will NOT accept.. If you Break my Heart.. well Grass Doesn't Grow In a Playground DOES IT?... I will Never settle for being anyone's Second Choice.. If I Let you into My Real Life don't Take it for Granted That will Only Happen Once..I wear my Heart on my Sleeve Being a true Em-path is something Not everyone can Handle .. That will never change.. I like to have Fun and Adventure's When in a committed Relationship

    I don't do Random Sex with Strangers I'm looking for something Much Deeper...I like Lingerie , sexy sensual play and being a Sex Kitten,Fantasy girl for the Man In My life when I feel Loved and Desired....After All that's the Key Right?


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