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Tall, dark and voluptuous
57 years old 
City N/A, State N/A 
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MsTressa is seeking adventure and excitement!
Last Profile Login: 12/7/2020
Last World Login: 12/7/2020
Member Since: 9/10/2007
General Info
I Am Here For: For a New Experience, To Explore My Sexuality, To Meet People, You tell me
Marital Status: Swinger
Children: Love them, but do not want any of my own
Education: College Graduate
Religion: Spiritual, but not Religious
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes
Occupation: Adventurer
Body Type: Average
Height: 5' 9"
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Languages: English, Some Spanish
Sexy Stuff
I Am Looking For: Social Encounters
Sexual Fantasies: N/A
Sex is Best: Passionate, Loving, Experimental, Wild, Kinky, In a Relationship, Every day!
Cybersex: Yes
I Want You To: Be yourself!
Cybersex Personality: Passionate
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MsTressa's Scoop
About me:

Welcome to MsTressa's Page
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Worship at the alter
The altar of good and oh so good!

"Oftentimes, in denying yourself pleasure, you do but store the desire in the recesses of your being. Even your body knows it’s heritage and it’s rightful need and will not be deceived. Your body is the harp of your soul." (Kahlil Gibran)

I'm a professional, discreet, well traveled, spirited female who is intelligent, well-spoken, courteous and kind, with a good sense of humor. I'm also playful, passionate and sensuous.

I'm shy at first, but warm up quickly. I'm tall with dark hair and dark eyes (Sicilian). Looking for friends, fun and adventure....friendly, but not tame. ;)

This is where I keep my secrets
This is where I keep my secrets!

Who I'd like to meet:
Someone with a searing gaze, a sizzling smile, and a kiss that leaves me breathless.

Exquisite gasps of pleasure”
Seeking treasures

I like smart people with strong personalities that are multi-dimensional in their interests and have imaginations that are inventive and voracious.

What does this picture say to you?

Looking for discreet, passionate, intelligent and interesting friends for fun, frolic and gasps of exquisite laughter.

The pleasures of a firm hand
Control can be so beautiful

More About MsTressa
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This is a long and distinguished I shall keep adding to it. Rome wasn't built in a day!

I LOVE to dance and can often be found in the various clubs doing just that. The heat in the room from all the people expressing their joy and sensuality with their bodies in motion.

Another passion is scuba diving, so clearly the lagoon is a favorite. Something very sensuous about the warm water lapping playfully against my skin.

I do so love being in the water!
I do so love being in the water!

I'm an explorer and adventuer at finding the unique places and most importantly the unique people in here is a fascinating quest.

Marvelous Sexy Temptress Readily Exchanging Sensual Stimulation and Affection
Get Your Sexy Name

You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

What Tarot Card are You?
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My Favorite Websites:
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Please share the love and support by encouraging all the women in your life to have regular breast exams!

See my quote by Kahlil Gibran.....(excerpted)

"Your body is the harp of your soul."

Let the music begin!

Yes, I enjoying making movies.

Oh you meant which do I like???!! Goodness I guess I misunderstood the question. {blush} I'll get back to you on this one!


"Oftentimes, in denying yourself pleasure, you do but store the desire in the recesses of your being. Even your body knows it’s heritage and it’s rightful need and will not be deceived. Your body is the harp of your soul." ~ Kahlil Gibran


"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. " ~ Epicurus

“Well-behaved women rarely make history” ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Well behaved women rarely make history!
Well behaved women rarely make history!!

"The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man." ~ Madame de Stael
Thank you Sol. :)

"I have found men who didn't know how to kiss. I've always found time to teach them." ~ Mae West

The desire

I love the combination of the two assessments of me!

MsTressa --

Extremely dominant.
'How will you be defined in the Sexual Dictionary?' at

MsTressa's sexual nickname:

"Pussy Cat"

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Naughty-Santa_zpseae5b321 I'd bet you are getting a visit from Santa AFTER Christmas Tressa! *wink* Merry Christmas! xoxo, JJ

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“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

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Photobucket Just saying *grins* Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Jawja

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