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lilDawn_ssc_tspg's Profile
When the light breaks thru the darkness Dawn has come.
Transgender Female
Sexuality: N/A 
44 years old 
City N/A, GA 
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Last Profile Login: 5/20/2024
Last World Login: 5/19/2024
Member Since: 6/9/2020
General Info
I Am Here For: For a New Experience, To Explore My Sexuality
Marital Status: Single
Children: Love them, but do not want any of my own
Education: Some College
Religion: N/A
Smoke: Yes
Drink: Yes
Occupation: N/A
Body Type: Average
Height: 5' 8"
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Languages: English
Sexy Stuff
I Am Looking For: some one to follow that dose not lead the way
Sexual Fantasies: Domination, Multiple People, A Public Place
Sex is Best: Passionate, Loving, With a Stranger, In a Relationship
Cybersex: N/A
I Want You To: Talk Dirty to Me, Teach Me New Tricks, Tell Me Your Fantasy
Cybersex Personality: Seductress/Seductor, Innocent
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Like a lot of different things. I also up for new things.
My Favorite Websites:
She is a quick silver girl
A lover of the world
She spreads her wings
And she's free

she's a quick silver girl
a lover of the world
she's seen every branch She is a quick silver girl
A lover of the world
She spreads her wings
And she's free

she's a quick silver girl
a lover of the world
she's seen every branch

rock of all kind from the 50's till now, the blues, Jazz, Rap, punk, ska, reggae, there are more and new stuff yet to be, have too keep ur ear open like u do ur mind and heart.
rules for my sub and slaves Rules for Pets, Subs and Slaves 1. Respect Mistress at all times 2. 100% submit your body, mind and soul to Mistress. Always submit to her desires. If Mistress directs, so be it done. 3. Always address Mistress as Mistress, never Miss. Address all other Doms as Miss or Ma'am, or Sir for males. Be respectful to the family and other Dom and Mistress. 4. If you come online you need to pm your Mistress soon. Wait until Mistress response on your pm. 5. If you are online when Mistress logs on pm your Mistress. 6. You will only take one Mistress or Master. 7. Do not talk badly of Mistress or anyone else in the house. If you do have a problem with someone, do not be afraid to come to Mistress. Better to sort it out than keep it bottled in and cause any problems with yourself or anyone else. 8. Always ask permission before you do anything, especially if you leave your Mistress to log off (e.g., May I be dismissed Mistress) or wish to see friends. You need to ask for permission if someone want add to you as a friend. 9. Never select Hide or Private in Options. Your location is to be seen all times by Mistress and family. 10. You will kneel when greeting Mistress 11. All kneeling positions can only end by Mistress’ command to rise or if Mistress isnt on by command of a Coven-Leader. 12. The "Entice" command will only be used when specific requested by Mistress. 13. Sex of any kind is done with permission 14. No BDSM plays with anyone but Mistress unless you have full permission to do so Important! Mistress does not wish you to do or perform anything that is morally objectionable to you. You can stop the action by typing " RED ". This phrase will stop the actions immediately
hitch hiker's guide to the universe. (in big red letters "DON"T PANIC")


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My Mind went ... when you added me !!! TY hUggzzz

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