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Official Site for Privately held venues on the RLC Streets-can also email
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RLC_St_Events is hoping you'll let us help you host your next Street party
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This is the official site for Information and registration for Utherverse / RLC Street Events, sponsored by private businesses and door owners on the RLC Street. Look below for more information and to request sponsoring an Event. Note: Participation in these events is open to all Utherverse Door Licensees regardless of region/location.

Who I'd like to meet:
Privately sponsored Street events are held once a month on either a Wednesday or a Friday. Businesses provide their own staff with modest support from Utherverse and the Street Events staff prior to and during the event. All costs associated with private Street Events are the responsibility of the Sponsoring business. There is no cost to the business to sponsor. They are exclusively Music-Party events and not sales events. Any sales during a Street Event must be confined to Raffle/Ticket/Box/Prize sales. Street event guidelines have to be followed, see below.



Make sure you have read the deco guidelines for RLC/Public regions. In the event you have little or no Public Deco experience it is strongly recommended that you work with a decorator that does.

The following is in addition to deco in Public regions for these events only.

Stages if needed, must be constructed using one or more of the 3 central canal areas.

In the event only one section is used for a stage, you or your decorator should install a collidable over any unused water portion of that section.

Signage, backdrops and banners should be limited and not significantly obscure any other structures or business on the Street with the exception of rental property owned by the sponsoring club.

You may include a limited area for performers banners, club logos, sponsors and misc. signage on the Street itself, provided it is adjacent to dancing areas.

Various aesthetic additions (flags, steamers etc. ) are allowed provided they are limited to the party area(s)

Dance area are to be limited to areas adjacent or near to stages.

No other property RLC or Private is to be modified other than those owned or rented by the Sponsoring Club.

Event deco should be completed no sooner than 4 hours before the scheduled event and will be available to deco 24 hrs. prior to event start. Deco will be reviewed prior to the event start and you or your decorator should be prepared to modify or delete anything that does not fit within guidelines.

You will be responsible for removal of the deco no later than 6 hours after the end of the event.

Keep in mind, event durations are limited to no more than 2-3 hours. Showcase your club/business, but keep it simple. Testing props off site prior to installing them is recommended.

If you have any questions, we will have event coordinators to assist you.


Participation in these events is free to any sponsoring club. The club, it's owners and staff assume all the costs for deco, performers, staff and advertising. This is essentially doing all the same things that you would do to operate your club regularly, but using the RLC Street as a venue.

Clubs should take note of the following.

Construction is limited, see deco guidelines

Any DJ Streams should be provided to event coordinators well in advance.

As is common in public areas, there is no Purple for Hosts, ticket/raffle/box sales, etc. Those members of the clubs staff that normally use purple will be assigned an Ambassador to act as an "interpreter". Staff that are not familiar with how this system works are encouraged to contact an Amby well in advance to ask questions and understand how this works.

Scheduling is done on a first come basis and is assigned by the event coordinators.

Any questions should be referred to Street Events coordination staff.

STREET EVENT Sponsor / Participation request form

(copy and paste in an email to RLC_St_Events with information filled in)

Club or Business Name

Club or Business Owner(s)

Primary Contact for this Event

Region where Licensed Door is Located (ex: RLC Street, Virtual Vancouver, etc)

We are currently booking for one day per month beginning with the dates following the sign-up deadline. Those days are a Wed or a Friday. Please indicate your first, second and third date choices below. Once assigned, you will be asked to confirm that date prior to having it placed on the schedule

1st Choice: Month, Day, Time

2nd Choice: Month, Day, Time

3rd Choice: Month, Day, Time

If you know the names of the following staff, please complete any/all of the section below.

Decorator Name

DJ Name

Host Name

Sales or Contest Staff Name
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