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RLC Rules Of Conduct

1. Modifying Client Settings.

Except as noted in this section, you may not modify you configuration files using any means other than the provided interface (i.e, the Utherverse® 3D client, and various web pages).  

Anything Goes Dimension:
Avatars operating only within a specifically dedicated dimension, named the “Anything Goes Dimension”, may utilized changes to the configuration files where such changes are limited to those that allow members to adjust the 3D client settings.

Approved 3D Client Setting Modifications in All Dimensions:

1) Modifying clothing textures to design new apparel.
2) Modifying textures to avatar skins for the purpose of user created skin art.


1) Modifying files to gain access to VIP or closed off areas.
2) Modifying files to be completely nude as a basic or VIP user. This includes nude on top or bottom, male or female, with the exception of avatar available outfits provided by Utherverse®.
3) Modifying files to bypass restrictions.
4) Modifying files to impersonate staff and volunteers.

1st offense:
 Results in a warning if the member is in the world (and/or an email warning if the member is not currently logged in).  Depending on the severity of the offense, even a first offense may be treated as a second offense.

2nd offense: Results in kicking, banning (**) and/or cancellation of the account (*), within the discretion of Utherverse®.
Should you suffer from accidental corruption or deletion of your files, the recommended course of action is to reinstall the software BEFORE attempting to log in.

2. Underage.

If you are under 18 years old OR under the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, you are not allowed to access any Utherverse® property, website, or server, including without limitation the player, forums, profile system and web servers. It is theft of service to access if you under under 18 years old OR under the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction.  If we learn that you have access any of our properties in violation of these provisions, in addition to reporting you to law enforcement for theft of service, you will be kicked and banned (**) and your account will be canceled (*).

This rule also applies to allowing a minor access to Utherverse®.  Any account holder who allows access a user in violation of the prior paragraph will have their access and account dealt with as if they were, themselves, a minor.  Appropriate law enforcement reporting will also be made.

3. Language of majority.

Utherverse® provides users with a selection of dedicated language dimensions; as such we ask that when in a dimension which has been designated as a specific language, that all users in that area use the designated language as the language of majority.  You may speak any language you desire in Private Chat.
Our system currently supports English as our main language of communication. Please keep in mind that if you are accused of harassment, and the language you chose was not English in those areas, we will do our best to determine its actual content, but we may be wrong. We tend to side with the accuser in cases where there is ambiguity in the meaning of the language, such as where there is use of a language we don't speak fluently, or where the language is different than the language designated for the dimension, so please help protect yourself by speaking English.

1st offense:
is a verbal warning/email warning.
2nd offense: is being kicked off, with a potential ban of 24 hours (**).
3rd offense: is a mandatory 24 hour ban and optional cancellation (*).

4. Taking Advantage of Bugs to Gain Access.

Anyone found in a VIP area, or with access to VIP content, due to a bug in the software (including, but not limited to: failed collision detection, poorly blocked off areas, system design flaws, etc).

1st offense:
is a verbal warning/email warning.
2nd offense: is being kicked off, with a potential ban of 24 hours (**).
3rd offense: is a mandatory 24 hour ban and optional cancellation (*).

We understand that many people are helping us bug test. Should you find a bug of this type, please move to a non-suspicious area and let one of the moderators know about it. You may then be asked to explore the bug, or may be asked to refrain from it.

5. Griefing.

This includes intentional unwanted aggressive behavior or harassment which diminishes the enjoyment of other members through use of offensive language and actions. This may be conversation on the 3D client, comments made in the forums or profiles.  Basically, you are obligated to not make the experience of other users worse because of your behavior.

1st offense:
is a verbal/email warning and region reset to TC or WC
2nd offense: is a kick with up to (a time span determined by offense) (**).
3rd offense: is a minimum 24 hour ban, optional cancellation (*) of account.


Anyone caught flooding the chat channels, or spamming to the forums or profiles, or advertising any product in the world without entering into the appropriate partnership contract will be considered in violation.  If you would like to enter into an appropriate partnership contract with Utherverse®, please contact our Business Development department at for more information.

1st offense: is a verbal/email warning and potential removal of the offending material (if appropriate) (**).
2nd offense: is a 24 hour ban and optional cancellation (*) of account, removal of material.  In extreme cases, legal action will be taken.  We reserve the right to make any criminal reporting or bring any civil action that we determine to be appropriate.

7. Password and Account Sharing.

Anyone caught sharing a password, or access to their account without explicit permission from Utherverse® is stealing from us, and in addition to any civil action or criminal law enforcement reporting, we will take these actions:

1st offense:
Verbal/Email warning.
2nd offense: Verbal/Email warning, optional kick, optional short term ban (**).
3rd offense: 24 hour ban with optional cancellation (*) of the account.

8. Social Engineering.

Attempting to violate the security, privacy, or safety of another member or of the Utherverse® Staff or Volunteer through fraud of any means will result in a violation. This includes the use of any method used to acquire sensitive information such as login information, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity.  YOU MAY NOT DEFRAUD US.  You may not use scripts or other mechanisms to "game" or defraud the Rays system or any other aspect of our environment.

1st offense:
will normally be a verbal/email warning, but further action may be taken.  A first offense may be treated as a second offense if we determine it to be appropriate.

2nd offense:
is a kick with optional ban (**) and optional cancel (*).
Should your 1st offense be successful, we will take precautions to protect ourselves and our members. This may mean optional bans (**) cancellations (*) and legal actions.

9. Respecting and following the requests On Duty Moderator.

Anyone you see wearing one of the Staff or Volunteer moderator badges is to be respected at all times. They are there to help everyone have a good time and ensure the rules of conduct are abided by, and this may require on-the spot interpretation of rules and spontaneous solutions to problems.

1st offense:
Violation of this rule will result in a verbal warning.
2nd offense: will result in a kick with optional ban (**).
3rd offense: will result in a kick, with optional long term ban, optional reporting (**) and optional cancellation of account (*).

10. Posting illegal or inappropriate content.

Should we get a report that you have posted illegal or inappropriate content (such as copyrighted material, child pornography, hate speech or other offensive material) We will investigate.  NOTE THAT SUSPECTED CHILD PORNOGRAPHY WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REPORTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT.

1st offense:
will be a verbal warning and removal of the questionable material. Further action may be taken and optional cancellation of account(**)

2nd offense:
you will be banned (to keep you from posting more), along with an optional cancellation (*).

Should you be able to prove that the material is not copyrighted either by proving you have created it yourself or proving that it is public domain, then your account may be reinstated at the discretion of the administration.

The administration reserves the right to declare any image inappropriate and offensive and remove it from our servers. Further, should the situation warrant it, the proper authorities will be notified, and the images will be used as proof of any crime committed (such as child pornography or copyright violation).

NOTE THAT UTHERVERSE® IS DMCA COMPLIANT.  This means that copyright complaints should be sent to our DMCA agent, and that we will act in compliance with the requirements of the DMCA.

11. Impersonating Staff

Misrepresenting yourself as a member of Utherverse® staff or as an Utherverse® volunteer to other users on the 3D client, social center, and forum board will not be tolerated.
All members of Utherverse® Staff and Volunteers will be clearly marked as such through the color of the Avatar Name and the badge which appears above the avatar. Anyone claiming to be Utherverse® Staff or Volunteer, who is not clearly identified as such, is not a representative of Utherverse® and is in violation of this rule.

1st offense: will normally be a verbal/email warning, but further action may be taken.
2nd offense: is a kick with optional ban (**) and optional cancel (*).

12. Avatar Nudity

There is no avatar nudity of any kind allowed in Virtual Vancouver. This includes nude on top or bottom, male or female, with the exception of available avatar outfits provided by Utherverse®. Degress of avatar nudity are allowed in the following areas:

-The Nude Beach (full avatar nudity is allowed)
-Zaby's apartments (full avatar nudity is allowed)
-Amphitheater (topless avatars are allowed in this area)
-The Beach (male avatars are allowed to be topless)
-Private businesses where the proprietor has allowed any type of avatar nudity the see fit within their establishment.

1st offense: Violation of this rule will result in a verbal warning.
2nd offense: will result in a kick with optional ban (**).
3rd offense: will result in a kick, with optional long term ban, optional reporting (**) and optional cancellation of account (*).

RIGHTS OF MEMBERS (NOTE: These rights do not in any way alter the Terms of Service, and to the extent they are in conflict with the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service prevail.  Under no circumstances shall these rights be enforceable in any court, nor shall we ever have any liability to you with regard to these rights):

Should you feel that you have been falsely accused or have received an excessive level of reprimand: We will listen to your case. At the time a moderator requests that we cancel your account, a notification is sent to administration. They will review your case (usually within 24 hours, but it may take longer due to manpower, ambiguity of proof, or other reasons). We ask that you contact Customer Service prepared to explain your situation in a calm and rational manner. Should a member indicate that they were falsely reprimanded, and should we determine they are correct, then their account will be reactivated, and any missed time will be replaced (by moving ahead the member's next billing date). This is solely at the discretion of the administration.

You also have the right to ask to make reparations and amends. If the decision of administration is to cancel your account, you may petition for reinstatement if you can somehow assure us that such actions will not occur again in the future. We understand that there can be extenuating circumstances, and that tempers can flare on the part of the member, and the moderator, and the occasional bad bit of behavior may result. In these cases, however, you will NOT receive credit for any time missed and upon reinstatement you will be billed at your normal billing date.

Should you disagree with the actions of a moderator: Start by politely asking the moderator (in private chat, if possible) what their reasoning was for performing an action. In almost all cases, the moderator will be enforcing a rule or removing a known troublemaker. We ask that moderators be able to defend their decisions, and not make rash decisions, or use inappropriate reasons (such as anger, ego, jealousy or lust (for power or otherwise). Should you believe that the moderator is still in error, DO NOT argue with them. Take actions to comply with their decision except where it will violate the security, privacy, or safety of yourself or another member. Contact Customer Support (***). A moderator may never ask personal information, such as real name or location, nor may they ask for your login information, or financial information (such as credit card), nor may they demand any media or contact outside of RLC (such as images, telephone calls, or communication on internet protocols other than Utherverse®, such as ICQ or Instant Messenger). Should communication outside of Utherverse® be required (for example, an argument that cannot be settled within the scope of the moderators powers, an argument with a moderator, a question that the moderator cannot handled, or an emergency situation (such as credit card theft, denial of service, or other active hacking attempts), the moderator will direct the member to contact Customer Service (***).

Should you find someone violating one of the rules: We ask that you not take the situation into your own hands. This could result in an unorganized confusion that will make a solution even more difficult. Please contact one of the system moderators. If no moderator is available, then contact Customer Service (***). Protect yourself from any possible violation of security, privacy, or safety by avoiding confrontation and possibly leaving the area (or Utherverse® in extreme cases). Remember that we are a North American company with limited manpower, so we may not be able to provide full around the clock support. We will handle the situations as soon as we can. In many cases, we may contact you to ask for more information about the offense and the offender.

5. LEGAL COMPLIANCE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION 18 USC 2257: Under U.S. law and the laws of certain other jurisdictions, there are a number of regulations relating to the depiction of nudity and/or sexual conduct. If you decide to post a picture of yourself, or another person naked, apparently naked, or engaged in sexual activity, YOU MUST COMPLY WITH ALL LAWS (in fact, your must comply with all laws anyhow -- it is a requirement in our Terms of Service).  We are not responsible for your compliance, but you MUST be prepared to prove to law enforcement and to us that you have complied.  Please be prepared to provide the documentation required by law (check with your attorney, but these would normally include documentation of the age of everyone in the image at the time it was created, subject to some very specific parameters as to what constitutes valid documentation), and post the appropriate custodian of records and other information as required by law. If any person appears to be underage, we are required by law to report it to law enforcement.  We don't have a choice.  We WILL report you.  Period. You can contact customer support (***) to get more information, but we will not provide you with legal advice.  The short story is that you can get in a lot of trouble by breaking the law, the law relating to adult content is complicated, and if you have legal questions you need to ask a lawyer.

If your account is canceled due to breaking the rules, there will be no refund for either time, or credits. In all cases of optional cancellation, your situation will be reviewed by one or more administrators for Utherverse®.

All optional kicking and banning are at the sole discretion of the moderator performing the act.

The correct way to contact Customer Service is:


+1 (877) 974-8900

Non US Residents:
+1 (778) 329-9959

Any other methods of contact will be listed on the website at Please do not use any other methods, as you may be contacting an impostor.

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