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Basic Prop Editing Quick Tips

    Open The Prop Editor
    Modify an Existing Prop
    Create a New Prop
    Delete an Existing Prop

Advanced Prop Editing

        Single Chair
        Double Seating
        Seatpanel (For seating Anywhere)

        Drinking at a table
        Carrying Wine or Beer

        Pill Tray

    Creating a Dance Floor
    Beds and BDSM Apparatus
    Creating Steam and Bubbles
    Setting up Doors and Other Transports
    Setting Up A Sign or Poster
    Candles and Fireplaces
    Adding Animation to Creatures
        Create Butterflies &
        Free-Reign Sea Creatures

        How to Create a Fishtank

Basic Prop Editing Quick Tips


Open The Prop Editor

-Click the DOWN ARROW icon in the Upper Right Menu Circle (1)
-Click on PropEdit (6th one down) (2)

This menu can be maximized/minimized by clicking on a bar on the left of this window (the word ‘editor’ is written vertically).



Modify an Existing Prop

Select the Prop to be Modified (2 Ways).

Method 1: right click on a prop and choose Place (1). If more than one prop is clicked a list will pop up; click on the name of the prop you would like modified.  It will be outlined in Orange as it is scrolled over in the list. 

Method 2:  in the Prop Editor Window click on “List All Props” icon (1). A list of props in the region will appear.  Scroll through the list to find the desired prop. Clicking on a prop in this list (2) will put its Properties into the respective windows of the Editing Window (so it can be modified).  The current prop will be outlined in Orange, and any prop that has been selected in that session will be outlined in Yellow.  To find a prop in an area using this list, click on the prop in the list and it will be outlined in orange or just right click in the list to access its properties/placement options. Props can also be cloned or deleted from the menu with a right-click.

Move Prop Horizontally:  Prop will move with mouse

Move Prop Up/Down:  Mouse ScrollWheel Up/Down

Rotate Prop: CTRL + ScrollWheel

Enlarge/Shrink Prop:  CTRL + Shift + ScrollWheel


-Right-click on a prop and chose Properties (1)

-Tab between the pages for Position, Rotation, and Scale (2).

-Use the X, Y, and Z arrows to increase or decrease
settings (3).  

Holding the arrow will enable faster adjustment or specific values may be entered.

*IMPORTANT* Click Save & Release (4) icon when finished with each prop to save the changes.

To Create a New Prop

-Make sure PropEditor is open (see “Open The Prop Editor” Above)

-Click the Add icon (it looks like a sheet of paper).

-In search window use category / type menus, (1) or type a keyword for the prop (2) (Keyword is best).  Any matches will be displayed. 

-Select the desired option from this list (3) and click Create (4).

-Refer to Modify an Existing Prop for how to set the placement, rotation and setting for your new prop.


To Delete an Existing Prop

-Open Prop Editor

-Right-Click on the prop (1). If more than one prop comes up, use the list and orange-outline to be sure you have the right prop and click Delete.


-Click the List All Props icon and right click on the prop in the list. Click Delete.

Advanced Prop Editing



Some propping will require you to have the advanced button checked.  This button is located under the ‘State’ tab in the Upper Right corner of the Prop Editing window. 




Single Chair:

-Create and place chair as desired.

-Click on the Scripts Tab of the Prop Editor Window (Tabs are located across the top, ‘Scripts‘ is the fourth option).

-With Scripts tab open, click on the arrow to open the drop down menu next to the Script: field and choose Chair1SeatScript.

-An Offset field will appear.  This is the amount that an avatar will move forward when sitting and depends on the chair.  Start with an amount of 150 and increase or decrease this amount until seating is as desired.  Up and down cannot be adjusted.

-Click on the State Tab (the last one across the top) and Check Collidable.  A collidable prop cannot be walked through by an Avatar and should be used for most furniture.  However, collidable objects can increase lag issues so limit the use of this state.

-Click on “Close” and test the seating.  Adjust offset as needed.

Double Seating:

-Follow directions for Single Chair but Substitute Chair2SeatScript in the ‘Scripts’ menu. A second field will be open: Param2.  A setting of 100 will usually work but increase or decrease as desired (this is the distance between the two seats).

Seatpanel (For Seating Anywhere):

-Create a new prop (click Add icon).  Under Keyword, search for ‘Seat Panel' and create it (it looks like a floating square).

-Adjust the seatpanel over an area where seating is desired.  It should not be immersed in the object, just visible overtop.

- Scripts tab + Chair1SeatScript to add the seating action to the seatpanel.

-Adjust Offset and click Close

-Test the seat panel.  It will often require a rotation.  When seating is as desired, click Close again.




Any prop (and its script functions) can be cloned.  This is useful when several copies (ie of a chair) are needed and it is easier to have them preset. The Script settings will clone with the prop.

-Right Click on Prop and chose Clone.

-A new copy of the prop will appear 100 units off to one side your mouse will already have it selected for placement.  Adjust it as needed.

-Click Done when finished.

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Drinking at a table:

-Set up a table and chair (do not do the seating Script).

-Open Properties for the chair and under the Script tab, select DrinkBeerChair.

-Set Offset (use the same settings as for the Chair1SeatScript, this is for forwards/back adjustment).

-Set Offset (use the same settings as for the Chair1SeatScript, this is for forwards/back adjustment).

Carrying Wine or Beer that can be Picked up:

-Create and Place wineglass.gml or beerglass.gml on any surface that is about bar height..

-Under Script tab select PickupObject

-Set parameters: 

Wine: Beer:
Offset:   0 Offset:  0
Msh Name:  WineGlass_left MshName:  beerglass_left
Action Name:  holdglass_standing Action Name:  holdglass_standing

-Close and test the prop.  If the avatar grabs the prop at the wrong angle, rotate the glass until the motion is lined up correctly.

-Close when done.




-Search for and Create “Hookah” (many types are available) (1).
Set it on a surface with pipe slightly off edge of table.

-Set Script to “SmokeHookah, Offset: -170, click Close.

Pill Tray:

-Search for and Create “pilltray” (1).

Set on surface with front of box near edge (front has green writing on it).

-Set Script to “EatPill” Offset:  103.5, click Close.


Search for and Create “mushrooms” (1). 

Set on desired surface.

-Set Script to “EatMushroom”  Offset:  -113, click Close.

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  Creating a Dance Floor

-Search for and Create "trigger" (1)

Place and size the 3D cube over the dancefloor area,then make bottom of cube go just under the floor. (2) 

-Set Script tab (3)  to “Dance” (4) 

-In the State tab (5)  check “Invisible” and “Trigger” (6) 

-If trigger area goes invisible, use the room list (List All Props icon) to find it on the list and click on it there.

-Click Close.



Beds and BDSM Apparatus

-Search for and Create the bed (1)  desired (there are many types available).

-Place it where desired.

-Set Script tab (3)  to “StartSexSequence” (4) 

Script For BDSM:  “StartSexBondageSequence”
Script For BDSM Cross:  “StartSexXposeSequence”
Script For BDSM Ropes:  “StartSexSuspendedSequence”

-Set State tab (5)  to “collidable” (6) 

-Click Close

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Creating Steam & Bubbles

-place a dummy.gml in the center of area where steam is desired.

-set Script to “AttachEmitter”

-Set Parameters (see below)


Texture:  smoke3a.png
Particle Life:  5
Emitter Life:  5
Particles Per Sec:  9
Speed:  50
Start Scale:  1
End Scale:  3
Fade In:  50
Fade Out:  50
Enable fade:  0.5
Alpha Scale:  0.2
Spawn CubeX:  600
Spawn CubeY:  -50
Spawn CubeXZ:  600
NormalX:  0
NormalY:  1
NormalZ:  0

This will create steam similar to that of the bordello hot tubs.  Though making clones of the initial dummy will be necessary to mimic the whole steam effect.

Here is an explanation of the settings above:  The steam (smoke) is set to appear for 5 seconds, every 5 seconds, with a density/thickness of 3 that will move at a rate of 50.  The particles will start at size 1 and grow to size 3.  They will fade in half the time and fade out the other half the time but only do this half of the time (Enable Fade is only set at 0.5).  This will make it so that half of the steam particles are always there while the other half of them fade in and out.

The particles will be half opaque and half transparent and first appear in a cube that is located at 600 X x -50 Y x 600 Z.  The emitter will only release in the direction vector of “1”.  So the particles will only go up and down (Normal Y=1) but not side to side or forwards and backwards ( Normal X and Z =0).

Fishtank Bubble parameters:

Texture:  sprite_bubble1.png
Particle Life:  18
Emitter Life:  9999
Particles Per Sec:  3
Speed:  50
Start Scale:  0.08
End Scale:  0.2
Fade In:  10
Fade Out:  10
Enable Fade:  1
Alpha Scale:  0.3
Spawn CubeX:  100
Spawn CubeY:  100
Spawn CubeZ:  100
NormalX:  0
NormalY:  1
NormalZ:  0

-Click Close when done.



Setting up Doors and Other Transports

--Get the coordinates and location of exit point of transport by:

i.  Move avatar to region and position where transport should ‘exit’.  Note the region name (click on the ‘dimensions’ button if necessary).

ii.  press F2 (this button toggles on and off) and note the Position Numbers:  X: Y: Z: and yaw: 

-move avatar to the area where transport start point is desired.

-create and place an object (usually a door or a trigger) to start transport.

-Set Script to “MoveToRegion”.

-Set parameters to fit with the spawn information from the Position Numbers noted from above step.

-For triggers leave the last parameter blank and for doors use any door texture (ie. dr_transd_corel59021.png) .  Also, with triggers only, in State tab check ‘invisible’ and ‘trigger’.

-Click Close


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Setting up a Sign or Poster

-Search for sign_01 and Create it.

-Flip it around so that the grey/blank side (rather than the clear side) is facing out, size and place as desired.

-Set Script to "CachedWebLoadImage". In the parameter field enter the Exact Link to the image (include http:// and always end in .jpg or .png).

-Check the File Caching option.

-Under State, check "Unlit" to add brightness if desired. Size if needed.

-Create and search for sign_1.gml prop. Size and Place as desired.

-Set Script tab to “WebLoadImage” and State tab to check ‘textures unlit.’

-Use webpage information to set the Parameters:

Example (“Gentleman’s Club” sign outside NightCandy).  With site:

Break it up into:

File Name:  sign_nightcandy1.jpg
Directory:  /repository/textures/rlc/street/
File URL: (note http:// is optional).

-If the poster should be clickable then use the “WebLoadToWebClickImage” Script and in the fourth, extra, parameter write the address that the sign should click to.

-click Close



Setting up Candles and Fireplaces

-set up any object that should be ‘on fire’ and place as desired.  Dummy.gml can be used for a flame alone.

-set Script tab to “AttachAnimatedSprite” and in the State check “Sprite”

Texture:  Fire.spr
Adjust X, Y, Z, and Scale as desired.  Click Close.


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  Adding Animation to Creatures (fish/waterplants/butterflies)

-here is a list of all the Animation files for props that have animations:


Animation File:


Related Prop:

Angel Fish05
Angel Fish02
Angel Fish03
Clown Fish
Yellow Fish02
Yellow Fish03
Clown Fish_02
Angel Fish_02
Clown Fish_01
Angel Fish Big
Yellow Fish_01
Yellow Fish_04
Angel Fish_06
Angel Fish_Lagoon
Clown Fish_Lagoon
Angel Fish_01
Blue Fish
Reef Fish
Manta Ray
Sea Dragon
Sea Turtle

...There are 19 Aquaplants total that all follow the pattern above.


How to Create Butterflies and Free-Reign Sea Creatures

-have “Advanced” checked (upper right of Prop Editing Window)

-search for and create the desired creature.  Note its animation file (from above list).  Avoid ‘fishtank” creatures for this, they will be explained further down.  Lagoon creatures are best.  Sea Turtle, Manta Ray, and Shark, are all good choices.
-Script Tab:  MoveWithinBoundingBox

-this script creates a 3D box for the prop creature to move around in. Set the size of this box with the first 3 Parameters.  Parameter 1:  X, Parameter 2:  Y, and Parameter 3:  Z.  Place the prop creature in the center of this box, or let it move around and adjust size as desired.

-the fourth parameter (Param4) is the speed of the prop as it moves around the box.  350 is an average speed.

-the fifth parameter (Param5) is the Speed Jitter.  It defaults to 0 but can be adjusted as desired.

-the last parameter (Param6), is the Turn Rate and determines how fast the prop moves when it changes direction.  7 is a good default setting

Adding animation:

-to add the animation to the creature as it moves in the box, enter the animation file name in the empty field of the State tab (it is located at the very top and looks like State:__________).


How to Create a Fishtank

-have “Advanced” checked (upper right of Prop Editing Window).

-find and create the Fishtank Glass prop. Place and Size it as desired (avoid reducing the scale X too much).  Use a pencil and paper and note the X Y Z for Position, Rotation and Scale for the tank.  This will make later steps much easier.

State (check the following):  Collidable, No Z-Buffer (needed so you can see into the tank).

-search for any desired fish, but use “fishtank” in your search.  Create the fish and, using the Tabs, input the same Position, Rotation, and Scale that you noted for your fishtank.  If the fish look a little odd, it can be adjusted later.  Use the above list and note the fish’s animation file name.

- enter the animation file name in the empty field of the State tab (it is located at the very top and looks like State:__________). If the fish has the same properties as its tank, it should now swim around automatically within the boundaries of the tank. 

-fishtank gravel/rocks/anenomes do not have animation files but can be sized correctly by using the same X Y and Z notes from above.


-Search for and create any Aquaplant and find its corresponding animation file in the above list. 

- enter the animation file name in the empty field of the State tab (it is located at the very top and looks like State:__________).  For water plants, adding this file makes the prop shift away and up so always do placement last.

-Place the plant as desired.


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