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~ What you think, you become. ~ Buddha
44 years old 
City N/A, State N/A 
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Sedna_SD1 is Thakhar_RAW's exclusive freaky fairy ✨
Last Profile Login: 12/9/2023
Last World Login: 12/8/2023
Member Since: 3/13/2008
General Info
I Am Here For: "Who knows?" and "We will see"
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Children: Love them, but do not want any of my own
Education: Post Grad
Religion: Spiritual, but not Religious
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Occupation: Counselor
Body Type: Average
Height: 5' 4"
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Languages: English, Hungarian
Sexy Stuff
I Am Looking For: The juggling balls I lost in the transport center
Sexual Fantasies: Perverted ones?
Sex is Best: When your mind is silenced
Cybersex: N/A
I Want You To: Give me candy
Cybersex Personality: N/A
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Sedna_SD1's Scoop
About me:
I'm an RLC veteran who adores her family, loves the community, and always ready to have a nice conversation. I'm managing the old RLC Lagoon, please stop by when you have a little time.

I take my virtual life seriously. I don't mess with other people's feelings. Here, I have to mention that if you can't communicate honestly and can't take responsibility for your actions, we won't be friends...not even buddies. I can't and don't want to be friends with ignorant and childish people. I also don't engage in unnecessary drama. Instead, I'm just running around as a micro fairy, trying to put a smile on people's face :)

When I look around in present RLC, I can state with confidence that I know almost everyone. Not everyone knows me though. I know the amazing people, the players, the alts, people who had left then came back. If I don't know you, I definitely know someone who does :D But even if I've seen you a thousand times, I will always be interested to learn more, as long as your intentions are clear and good.

I'm an alpha sub/little one mix. I'm owned and protected by Thakhar_RAW, and I'm in an extended/poly dynamic where I feel 100% please don't approach me, thank you.


The iconic RLC Lagoon is under new management.
Find the entrance on RLC street or click the sign to enter :)

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Unicorns....Crystals, Healing, Psychology, History, Writing

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Classics, Fantasy, Historical novels, Non-fiction, My own unfinished novels...


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Happy Thanksgiving from the Westfalls. Eat lots of Turkey and Dressing.

Rony n Jim Westfall Holiday well wishes

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Westfalls. Enjoy all the Pumpkin Pie you can hold. Diet after New Years.

Rony n Jim Westfall Holiday well wishes

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