Getting a Business License gives you a few useful tools to help run your business more efficiently:

1) Special “UV Business” badge that can be displayed over your username in world

2) Access to an exclusive list of more than 30 business properties from your Social Center property catalog

3) Ability to apply for high traffic doors on the streets of RedLightCenter, Virtual Vancouver and other Utherverse owned and operated virtual worlds

In order to apply for a Business License, you must have been a member of Utherverse for no less than 6 months and have existing VIP status.

To get your Business License, please fill out and submit the following form.


**Please note: in case of approval the funds for covering your license fee will be withdrawn from your account automatically.




How to put on a badge

- Login to your Social Center profile

- On the left side of your main profile page between sections "Sponsors" and "Friends online" you will find "Your Badges" section

- From your list of badges (if you have more than one) choose "UV Business"

- To take the badge off, choose "No Badge" option


How to access business properties catalog

- Login to your Social Center profile

- From the main navigation manu choose "Property" > "Add Property"

- Choose the top right category called "Business"


**Please note: these options will ONLY appear under your profile page if your registartion successfully went through and a business license was granted to you.