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The Early Bird Catches the Worm... But The Second Mouse gets The Cheese
Sexuality: N/A 
102 years old 
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Aroob loves everyone... Some I love to be around... Some I love to avoid... Some i'd love to punch in the face...
Last Profile Login: 3/31/2015
Last World Login: 3/31/2015
Member Since: 11/12/2009
General Info
I Am Here For: To not be me
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Children: Have children
Education: College Graduate
Religion: N/A
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes
Occupation: Domestic Engineer
Body Type: Average
Height: 5' 2"
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Languages: English, Google
Sexy Stuff
I Am Looking For: Somewhere to Hide
Sexual Fantasies: A nice cup of tea and a sit down
Sex is Best: When I decide it is
Cybersex: N/A
I Want You To: Talk
Cybersex Personality: Confused
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Aroob's Scoop
About me:
Aroob is the voice in my (Liz's) head that is always going on at me to do all the silly things I can't or won't do in real life. So to get a bit of peace from her internal nagging I had to set her free to run around on my laptop and stop giving me a headache, not that she is at all grateful... She still refers to me as the blind one-armed cripple that gets in her way and doesn't buy her drinks... None of which is true, I only have to wear glasses and have a limp as a result of a stupid bad fall a few years ago. P.S. I'm not really scary.. i'm quite nice really - on good days :) --------------------------------------------------------------------
Throw rock at boys
I DON'T REALLY THROW ROCKS AT BOYS ...well... not often -------------------------------------------------------------------- ... So how did a pasty white girl from the Staffordshire Moorlands turn into Aroob?... Once-upon-a-time my father spent some time in the Middle-East, Oman I think, where he came across the name 'Aroob' and fell in love with it. (I think its either Arabic or Urdu and means either 'Faithfull Wife' or 'Beautiful Woman', I can't comment on either.)...Anyway he decided that when he had a daughter she would get this name. When he got married the name was proposed and fortunately the wiser head of my Mother intervened and 'Aroob' was demoted to a supporting role with 'Elizabeth' getting the top billing.... 'Aroob' only made appearences when I was in trouble when the full name was yelled... as in..."ELIZABETH AROOB A***** STOP DOING THAT RIGHT NOW!".... these walk-on parts made 'Aroob' my naughty inner voice... and she's been bothering to get out ever since!! fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 Quizzes - fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Fun - custom homepage

--------------------------------------------------------------------So my age is.. A) - 9 years-old... B) 21... C) 33... D) 45... E) 57... F) 69...??? The clues are there... GUESS CAREFULLY one of them is right, for about another couple of months :-)... but i might decide to reset to B again...

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Who I'd like to meet:
I come in here to hide from the housework, to regain a bit of my sanity (no chance...) and to find people who like to chat and have fun with the characters played in this wierd, interactive, improv soap opera driven by the imagination. I do not have or want to, or use Yahoo,MSN, Skype or any sort of Webcam. They all spoil the fantasy. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANY SORT OF PERMANENT RELATIONSHIP IN RLC OR RL as my life is already complicated enough... Thank You... :) ------------------------------------------------------------------- N.B. Aroob is NOT Liz -- and Liz is NOT Aroob! I can only be Aroob (fun and silly) inside Utherverse. In Real Life I have to be Liz (angry and depressive) and need to escape to have fun as Aroob (fun and silly). I'M NOT REALLY LIKE THIS (all the time) ... THIS A FANTASY. I'm NOT looking for Mr Right... but Aroob will occasionally look for Mr or Miss Right-Now... :) P.S. Don't bother trying to show me cock pictures unless you're really a chicken farmer, they're not that impressive. Equally the only chance you'll ever get to see my real pussy is already in my pictures.(hint: she's in the wheelbarrow) free counters
More About Aroob
My Other Profile/Website Links:
Slight obsession with food ... mainly the making and growing bit, for some unknown reason i always forget to eat it, except for toast and some of the cakes I bake. The constant fight for the attention by a very obstinate fat cat I suppose i should admit to being a bit of a sports fan, especially cricket, but also sometimes rugby (league and union) and football.. its a family thing ... I'm getting a Handball obsession after watching the 2012 Olympics...
My Favorite Websites:

Although I like most musical styles, including opera, I particularly like Mozart's 'Don Giovani'. Music has never been huge on my list of things. I tend to listen to talk radio or books. Having said that I do like music, mainly a selection of classic rock and English Folk.
Mainly escapist stuff that goes into fantasy land or siily stuff to make me fall out of my chair But a small selection would include, depending on my mood:- The Princess Bride - Stardust - Galaxy Quest - Toy Story - Time Bandits Brazil The Adventures of Baron Munchausen - TV - Northern Exposure - The Big Bang Theory - Cougar Town - Spaced - Black Books - ... far too much kids TV
Again.... favourites depend on my mood at the time... or what i'm having to read at the moment. (Please don't ase to read 'Catcher in the Rye' again, it's my least favourite book ever) Perennial favourites include: - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. - Wide Sargasso Sea - Orlando - The Complete Works of Shakespeare - Terry Pratchett's Discworld - and a new favourite. - Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking trilogy (Thank you OU) I love The 13 1/2 lives of Captain Blue Bear and really have to try making the Pizza Sandwich A La Blue Bear one day
You Are the Cheshire Cat
You are strangely illusive and provocative. You tend to stir up trouble and then disappear quickly.
You sure know how to push other people's buttons, but it's difficult for anyone to push yours.

You are mysterious and crafty. You tend to be lurking in the background, and you show up at the most unexpected times.
You are purposely vague and baffling. Trying to figure you out will just drive people crazy!


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