All you need to know about the Working Girl / Guys

Frequently Asked Questions:


About RLC, Avatars and System Requirements

What is Red Light Center?

Red Light Center is an adult social networking website connected to a 3D virtual community. Your Red Light Center login information will work to access both the website and the 3D network.

The RLC Social Center website is where you can create and customize your personal profile, upload photos, describe yourself, chat on the forums, and search for other members you would like to meet.

The RLC 3D world is an animated virtual community where members can socialize with each other using avatars. You can access the profiling system from inside the virtual community by right-clicking on other avatars.

How Do I Access Red Light Center?

To access the Social Center, visit and sign in or create an account.

To access the RLC 3D world, you will need to install a copy of the completely safe downloadable application. The easiest way to download this application is to visit Once you’ve installed the software you will be able to sign in or create an account when you open the program.

What Equipment Do I Need To Have?

Minimum System Requirements:

PROCESSOR/CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent
OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7 /Vista /XP
DIRECTX: DirectX® version 9.0c
VIDEO CARD: Geforce 6 or higher. With 128 MB recommended.
SOUND CARD: DirectX® 9 certified sound card
CONNECTION: Multiplayer via Internet DSL or Cable High Speed Internet


WEB CAM: If you provide a Cam option make sure you have a good quality web cam.
MIC, SKYPE, OR LONG DISTANCE PLAN: If you wish to provide a Phone-sex option.
CHAT CLIENT: Either MSN Messenger, AIM – to broadcast your webcam to clients.
PAYPAL ACCOUNT: You will need to set up an account in order to receive funds.
SPEAKERS: Sound in RLC is great! Necessary for Audio Sessions.


What Is An Avatar?

Avatars are life-like animated and customizable characters used inside Red Light Center. You can control your avatar’s movements and appearance and use it to interact with other members in the 3D environment.

How Do I Change The Way My Avatar Looks?

VIP members can customize their avatar’s appearance using the Customize menu in-world. Click the Customize button in to change your avatar’s gender, size, skin color, features, clothing and much more! The button can be found in the upper-right corner of the program and looks like a shirt.

VIP members can also browse and purchase clothing from the hundreds of thousands of member-created outfits in the Utherverse Clothing System.

How Can I Have Sex In Red Light Center?

It’s easy! First you will need to find a willing partner and head to one of the many areas in RLC where sex is allowed. To get things started:

1.      Make sure you and your partner are naked. To get naked, click the items of clothing your avatar is wearing in the upper right corner of the screen.

2.      Right click your partner’s avatar and select an ‘invite for sex’ option

3.      Once your partner accepts your invitation, click an available sex object in the room (this step is not necessary for standing sex)

4.      Have fun with the many sex positions that will now be available in the list on the right hand side of the screen

If you’d like a more intense or intimate experience try enhancing your session with private text chat, voice chat or cam shows*.

You can practice using the sex menu and animations at any time by using sex bots, available in the Passion Pits and Fantasy Hotel.

*Voice and cam are only available in certain areas, or you can use third party software such as Skype!



About RLC WGs

What Are RLC Working Girls/Guys?

Red Light Center working people are RLC members who offer virtual sex sessions to other members. WGs can offer basic sessions using the sex animations and text chat, or they can offer enhanced sessions with voice, webcam, and/or fetish services. Red Light Center welcomes WGs of all genders and sexual orientations.

What Does RLC Do For WGs?


RLC offers all WGs a badge to use in the 3D environment to let other members know they are available for virtual sex sessions. Verified WGs get a special badge to indicate they are verified. Click here to view the different member and staff badges.


The WG Directory is a great place to advertise your rates and services, upload photos, tell members a bit about your sexy self and get reviews! Gold and Platinum Listed WGs can also upload a 512x512 billboard ad, which is linked to their Directory Listing and displayed in rotation with other WGs’ ads in several locations in the 3D world.

In-World advertising is also available to purchase in several locations in Red Light Center. If you have a special WG event or service you’d like to promote, open a ticket with the WG department to inquire about rates and available spots.


RLC has a bustling community of friendly WGs so don’t be afraid to get involved and ask questions! Here are some great ways to learn more, find clients and make friends:

·         Forums: Check out the WG subforum to meet WGs, learn tips and tricks, and find out about classes and events

·         Bareback Bordello: Visit the Bordello any time to solicit new clients and socialize with other WGs. The RLC monthly WG Party is hosted in the Bordello.

·         Events: RLC hosts a WG party on the first Monday of each month from 4-6pm Pacific Time in the Bordello. Check it out for a chance to win prizes and meet clients and other WGs. Many private venues also host WG parties so make sure to check the events calendar and ad spots often!

·         Classes: Some experienced WGs offer classes with tips for getting the most out of your WG experience. Free classes are advertised in the bordello and the forum, and more in-depth classes can be found in the UtherAcademy class schedule.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding WG services, you can open a support ticket at any time. Be sure to select “Working Girl / Guy” from the Help Topic drop-down menu to direct your inquiry to a staff member with specialized WG services knowledge.

What Are The Different Types Of WGs?

There are three types of WGs in Red Light Center:

·         Basic: Basic WGs have a WG badge and can solicit in WG Friendly areas. Basic WGs do not have a listing in the WG Directory and cannot be fully verified.

·         Listed: Listed WGs have the WG badge as well as a profile in the WG Directory, where they can list their rates and services, upload pictures and receive reviews. Gold and Platinum Listed WGs can also upload a 512x512 billboard ad which will be displayed in rotation with other WGs’ billboard ads in-world.

·         Verified: Verified WGs are listed WGs who have been photo, gender or age verified by staff. Their verification status is indicated in their WG Directory profile. WGs who become fully verified in all three areas also receive a special badge to wear in-world, letting other members know everything about them is the real deal!

All WGs must adhere to the WG Rules of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in a warning, removal of WG privileges without refund, or a profile ban at WG Staff and Utherverse® World Ops discretion.

How Do I Become A Basic WG?

1.      Sign in to

2.      Click the Settings tab

3.      Check the box marked ‘I am an Erotic Services Provider’

4.      Click Save Changes

How Do I Become A Listed WG?

1.      Follow the steps to become a basic WG

2.      Log in to the WG Directory using your WG profile name and password

3.      Select a listing plan by clicking the red text that says “!!! YOUR PROFILE WILL NOT SHOW. CLICK HERE TO SELECT A PLAN !!!

4.      Fill in your profile

5.      Activate your directory listing by clicking the red text that says “!!! ALERT: YOUR PROFILE IS NOT ACTIVE. CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE !!!

How Do I Become A Verified WG?

1.      Follow the steps to become a listed WG

2.      Beside the ‘Gender’, ‘Age’ or ‘Real Photos’ field, click the (Verify) link

3.      Read the information and follow the instructions to become verified



My WG Account

How Do I Use My WG Badge?

If you are soliciting your services, your WG Badge must be on and you must be in a WG Friendly area. To turn your badge on:

1.      Sign in to

2.      Scroll down to the section that says “Your Badges”

3.      Click the badge you would like to display

How Do I Edit My WG Directory Profile?

1.      Sign in to the WG Directory using your WG Profile name and password

2.      Click any of the edit or add links to add information, a description, rates and specials to your profile

How Do I Add Photos To My Directory Profile?

You can add up to 4 photos to your profile. These photos must not show genital nudity.

1.      Sign in to the WG Directory using your WG Profile name and password

2.      Click an UPLOAD PICTURE silhouette to add your photo

Photo Verified WGs will have to open a support ticket to change their photos. Be sure to select “Working Girl / Guy” from the Help Topic drop-down menu to direct your inquiry to a staff member with specialized WG services knowledge.

What Are WG Directory Plans?

To have a listing in the WG Directory, you must first purchase a listing plan. You can select a plan when you sign in to your WG Directory profile.

Plan Name


WG Directory


Custom Ad



1 Month






3 Months






6 Months






1 Month






3 Months






6 Months






1 Month






3 Months






6 Months





How Do I Upload My WG Billboard AD?

Gold and Platinum listed WGs can upload a billboard ad which links back to their Directory Listing*. The ad will display in rotation with the other WGs’ ads in several places in the RLC 3D Environment.

WG Billboard Regulations

·         Ads must be 512x512. Other sizes may be rejected or stretched to fit

·         Images must not contain genital nudity or penetration

·         Images must conform to the Red Light Center ToS and RoC

Submitting Your WG Billboard Ad

1.      Sign in to the WG Directory using your WG Profile name and password

2.      Click the red text that says “UPLOAD YOUR BILLBOARD AD

3.      Click the “Choose File” button

4.      Select the image from your computer and click “Open”

5.      Click “Upload Billboard”

6.      When your ad is approved or rejected you will receive an email or Social Center message

*Platinum WGs: If you would like WG staff to create a custom billboard for you, please open a support ticket. Be sure to select “Working Girl / Guy” from the Help Topic drop-down menu to direct your inquiry to a staff member with specialized WG services knowledge.



How Can I Make Money As A WG?

WGs earn money when another member pays them in Rays for their services. To send Rays, your client can click your avatar with their left mouse button then select Transfer Rays. Only VIP members can send Rays.

What Are Rays?

Rays are the official RLC currency. 100 Rays is roughly equivalent to USD$7 (based on the average market price for March, 2014). You can see how many Rays you have by viewing your Bank Account on your main Social Center page.

But I Want To Earn Real Money!

Don’t worry, you have the ability to trade your earned Rays in for REAL cash in the Marketplace. The Marketplace is an exchange where users can buy and sell Rays using real currency.

How Do I Sell My Rays For Real Money?

1.      Sign in to

2.      Visit the Marketplace

3.      Find the “Bid Placement” section on the left hand side of the page

4.      Under the “Sell” heading, enter the number of Rays you would like to sell

5.      Choose what price to sell your Rays at

6.      Click SELL

7.      Confirm the details and enter your PIN

8.      Click “Proceed > >”

When someone buys your rays, the balance will be added to your Trader Account. You can see this balance by viewing your Trader Account on your main Social Center page.

How Do I Withdraw My Money?

There are three options for withdrawing funds from the marketplace:

·         Buy VIP: you can use your funds to buy a VIP subscription for yourself or someone else.

·         Paxum: Paxum is an e-wallet service that allows you to remove funds from your trader account.

·         Check or Money Order: You can choose to receive a check or money order

To choose one of the withdrawal options, visit the Withdraw Funds page and select the method of your choice.

Where Can I Solicit My Services?

Red Light Center offers several areas for WGs to solicit. Many member-owned properties also allow WGs to solicit their services. Rules differ from place to place, so always contact the owner or staff of a private property before using your badge and soliciting.

RLC’s WG-Friendly Zones:

·         Bareback Bordello: vww://utherverse.vww/bordello

·         Blu's Club: vww://utherverse.vww/blus_club

·         Cam Alley: vww://utherverse.vww/cam_alley

·         Cam Alley (Gay): vww://utherverse.vww/Cam_Alley_G

·         Gay Alley: vww://utherverse.vww/alley_g

·         Fantasy Hotel Lobby: vww://utherverse.vww/fantasyhotellobby_new

·         Faster Pussycat: vww://utherverse.vww/dance02

·         Night Candy Gentlemen’s Club: vww://utherverse.vww/@284212

·         Passions: vww://utherverse.vww/passionclub

·         Passions (Gay): vww://utherverse.vww/gpassionclub

·         Passions Lobby (Main): vww://utherverse.vww/passionLobby

·         Passions Lobby (Men): vww://utherverse.vww/passionroom03

·         Passions Lobby (Women): vww://utherverse.vww/passionroom02

·         RLC Alley: vww://utherverse.vww/alley

·         Rude Alley: vww://utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@102155

·         Rude Street: vww://utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/trans

·         Tatarus: vww://utherverse.vww/london_dungeon

·         Tiberius Casino & Resort: vww://utherverse.vww/casino

How Much Should I Charge?

RLC WGs get complete control over their rates and services. You can charge whatever you feel is right for your sessions!

If you are just starting out, take a look through the WG Directory to see what other WGs are charging for similar services. You can try offering a beginner’s rate that’s a little lower to build up your clientele and good reviews! Once you have a good client base, try setting your rates a little higher to bring in more Rays.

How Can I Make More Money?

Special Sessions

WGs who offer special services in their sessions open themselves up to a wider variety of clients:

·         Voice and cam sessions offer clients additional intimacy and realism

·         Fetish sessions, such a domination and role play are great for kinky clients

·         Duos with other WGs can be exciting, just make sure you work out with the other WG beforehand what your are both comfortable doing with each other and how payment will be shared

Build Your Clientele

The more loyal and talkative your clientele, the more Rays you make!

·         If you can, try keeping and advertising a regular schedule. This makes it easier for clients who like you to see you over and over

·         Encourage clients to leave reviews on your WG Directory profile. Make sure ONLY those who have enjoyed a session with you leave reviews as false reviews are easily spotted, harm your reputation and will be removed

·         Try offering a special rate for first-time clients on their first session with you. You never know who’s been dying to try you out but just needed a little extra push!


There are plenty of opportunities to get the word out about your services in RLC

·         Participating in the monthly WG Party is a great way to make yourself known. Check out private WG parties, too!

·         Advertising spots are available in the Bordello and various places around RLC. Open a WG support ticket to learn more. Don’t forget to submit your WG Billboard Ad!

·         If you want to bring in clients from outside RLC, you can always try advertising to people on other websites. Make sure you’re complying with their rules

Other Ways To Earn Rays

·         Daily activities in the Social Center can earn your account Rays.

·         The Refer a Friend program gives you AND your referred friends Rays when they sign up and upgrade



Member Types

You can tell what type of account a member has by their name color and badge. Each account type has different perks and abilities, so be sure you’re familiar with them before you start offering your services. Staff and volunteers may not accept your services, so please do not solicit them.



Green members are unable get nude or view nudity, use sex animations, send Rays or private messages, or buy or use custom clothing. Remember: if they want your services they may upgrade, so don’t ignore greenies!



These members have full access to all the adult entertainment RLC has to offer as well as the ability to send Rays and private messages to other members.



WG badges, whether basic, listed or verified, always show in red text. WGs may only solicit in RLC areas which have the badge enabled and private venues as the owner sees fit.



These are members that volunteer their time to help new members of Utherverse get acquainted with our community. Volunteers will have text above their name indicating what type of volunteer they are. (Guide, Leader, Ambassador, etc.)



Red Light Center staff names appear in blue, with their title (or STAFF) above their head.



[Working Girl]

Member 3

[+Working Girl+]

Member 4

[+Verified WG+]

Member 5


Member 6












Tips And Safety

Never give out personal information such as your real name, where you live, schools you’ve attended, your facebook link, etc. The more someone knows about you, the easier it is for them to steal your identity or stalk you. If you plan on using third party software such as Skype to provide voice or cam sessions, consider setting up an account that is not linked to your real name.

Don’t be afraid to say NO if you are uncomfortable with a client or request. Try to be gracious if you must reject someone, to prevent bad reviews and complaints. Always refund someone if they’ve paid you but you’ve decided not to provide a session.

Always put on a good attitude! If you are irritable, snobby or rude, your clients will never repeat with you and will ensure that potential clients don’t waste their Rays.

If all this seems strange to you and you are not sure you have the personality to carry out a steamy virtual sex session with a complete stranger over the net, then consider creating an ‘alter ego’ and become someone completely different. Be creative and invent an alter ego that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

·         The Innocent Sponge—Inexperienced and willing to be taught

·         The Sexual Daredevil—Willing to try anything twice, no fetish is off limits

·         The Nympho Slut—Porn-star attitude, promiscuous and proud of it. Needing sex 24/7

·         The Dominatrix—You enjoy giving verbal bashings, you are superior and rule at the art of humiliation



Terms and Rules

WG Rules Of Conduct

If you do not abide by the guidelines outlined below, your Working Girl/Guy Badge may be removed by Utherverse® World Operations, and further appropriate action against your associated accounts will be considered without refund.

These rules apply to all WGs:

·         You must be a VIP member to become a Working Girl or Guy.

·         You must wear your WG badge at all times when you are working.

·         You are only allowed to solicit in certain areas of Red Light Center. These areas are listed in this Info Pack and can be requested through the ticket system.

·         You are only allowed to solicit in Private Message. Do not solicit your WG services in General Chat.

·         Be considerate of your fellow WGs; attempts to discredit a WG’s profile or name will not be tolerated.

·         Be aware of and abide by the Red Light Center Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service at all times.

·         Respect each other, Utherverse Staff and Volunteers.

·         Deception of clients will not be tolerated.

·         If services are not provided in full, you must refund the client. No exceptions.

Verified and listed WGs are held to a stricter standard, as they are endorsed and represented by Red Light Center and listed in the WG directory.

RLC Terms Of Service

The latest version of the Red Light Center Terms of Service can always be found here:

RLC Rules Of Conduct

The latest version of the Red Light Center Rules of Conduct can always be found here: